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Take It to the Next Level!

Take It to the Next Level!

The road to success is treacherous but today’s Wednesday offer will give you everything you need to reach the top. And whoever’s looking to add some variety to their exploits with a new class, the 40% discount will quickly help them reach their goal.

  • Powerful Experience Potions
  • Expert Skill Potions
  • Superior Talent Charm
  • Enhanced Superior Experience Charm
  • Party Experience Potion
  • Advanced Skill Reset Stone
  • Fruit of Forgetting

The Wednesday Special runs on 3rd of February 2015 from 1pm PST to 11:59pm PST (4th of February from 6am to 4:59pm AEST). You can find the offers in the Item Shop under ‘Hot Sales’.

You'll also find this item during this special offer:

Dual-Function Daily Quest Potion

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