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7 Special Mounts in the Shop for 24 Hours

7 Special Mounts in the Shop for 24 Hours

Use this chance between Sunday (26/6) and Monday (27/6) 4 PM

RoMmunity Letter II

RoMmunity Letter II

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Taborean trade week

Taborea is a great place for traders. Every once in a while, people come to Varanas to trade their goods for those of others and so, that time is here.

There are, of course, some specialized stalls where you can look for building materials, for transportation goods, for pet care items and even an alchemist one offering potions. And the most common currency in these exchanges is the Runes Tier III.

These traders can be found in Varanas Central Plaza (Channel 1) between 01.07.2014 (after the maintenance) and 08.07.2014 08:00 CEST.

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