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The Music Festival is upon us!

The Music Festival is upon us!

Music is in the air!

Experience the climactic finale over Kidd's treasure!

Experience the climactic finale over Kidd's treasure!

Kidd's treasure is within touching distance – you can feel it!

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Infernal Trio

Infernal Trio

Only the best of the best have the strength, determination, and guts that it takes to succeed as an adventurer in Taborea. Whether you’re just starting out or are an experienced veteran, even the most heroic need a little help now and again – that’s why this weekend, we’ve got some special offers in store for you: The Infernal Trio!

  • Equipment Attribute-Purifying Stones for only 79 Diamonds!
  • Random Attribute Extraction Stones for only 39 Diamonds!
  • Advanced Bind Lifters for a special low price of 69 Diamonds!

Highly sought-after objects at low prices available from your favourite merchant.

These offers can be found in the Item Shop under Hot Sales between Friday,  12th of June 2015, at 1pm and Monday, 15th of June 2015, at 5pm PDT(13th of June at 1am until 16th of June 10am AEST).

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