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Profession or Vocation?

Craftsmen are working tirelessly at a back-breaking pace to make the lives of the inhabitants of Taborea that little bit easier. If you've got the makings of a craftsman or a gatherer, today we have exactly what you need on offer to give you the support you require!

  • Gathering Speed Increase Potion
  • Gathering XP Increase Potion
  • Gathering Amount Increase Potion
  • Production Luck Potion (1 Day)
  • Production Speed Potion (1 Day)

The offer runs on 18th of July 2016 at 4 PM till 22rd of July at 4 PM (19th of July at 10 AM AEST till 23rd of July at 10 AM) in category 'Current Offers' in the item shop.

You'll also find these items during this special offer:

  • Crafting Skill Craftsman Expansion Ticket
  • Crafting Skill Expert Expansion Ticket
  • Crafting Skill Master Expansion Ticket
  • Crafting Skill Legend Expansion Ticket

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