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New in Store: The Kitsune

New in Store: The Kitsune

Will you become her proud master?

Chapter VII

Chapter VII "Legacy of the Soulless"

Part 1: The Tasuqian Experiments

Shop Update


Arcane Runic Might

Arcane Runic Might

Withstand the dangers of the empire! Humans, Elves and Dwarves are fighting side-by-side against all threats, strengthened by the mighty magic of runes! Transform your equipment into an impregnable bulwark and let the magical fire illuminate your weapons.

Whether Tier VII or cheaply upgraded to a higher tier; for imposing attributes, better defense, or increased physical or magical attack – you control the power of the runes! 

These offers can be found in the Item Shop under Current Offers between Friday,  26th of August 2016, at 4pm and Sunday, 29th of August 2016, at 4pm PDT (27th of August at 10am until 30th of August 10am AEST).

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