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Recruiting Travel Reporters!

The Flower Festival is here and there are a lot of adventurers amongst us who would like to experience something beautiful with our loved ones – far from the dangers and challenges that come with the defense of Taborea...

But where are these calm and romantic places where you can spend a happy Valentine’s day? The Taborean Travel Agency needs your help and will reward you for your best submissions with a unicorn!

If you know of a cosy and romantic place, send it to us. All you need to write in your email is the following:

  • The name of the place, e.g. “South Willow Manor”, or “Splitwater Coast” – please select a specific place on the map, not an entire zone
  • Describe the respective attractions of this place or the reasons why it is so romantic there (maximum of 6 sentences)
  • In-game screenshots of the location (maximum of 3)
  • The name of your game account, your registered email address, server name and character name

Send your suggestion by 25/02/2018 at 11:59 PM CET – further details can be found in our forum. So grab your camera, pen, and paper and earn your chance to win the romantic mount, the Cirrus Monocerus!

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